3 Easy Instagram Reel Transition Ideas

One of the easiest ways to instantly hook your audience when creating instagram reels is to use a reel transition! You’ve only got 1-3 seconds to captivate their attention before they decide to scroll on by, so make those seconds count!

Today I am going to share three different transitions that you can use with stock video that are super easy and engaging!

What exactly are Transitions?

Transitions are a fun and engaging way to move from one video clip in your to another.

Here are a few of my favorite (easy) hand transitions:

1. Hand On the Camera

Get started by opening up Instagram and clicking on the plus sign at the top of your page, and then clicking on Reel.

Then set a 3-second timer and end your clip by putting your palm to the camera

Now trim to 1/4th of your first clip

Next, add a stock video and you are done! If you want to take it up a notch download InShot or use Canva to add an effect between the two videos!

2. Swipe

Push your hand to the left or right.

Next, you’ll trim your clip so you end when your hands are caught in action.

Using InShot or Canva add a transition effect that goes to the right or left of the screen and cut to a stock video!

3. The Faux Scroll

Begin the first clip by pretending you are scrolling on your phone by moving your fingers up and down the screen.

Mid-swipe, end the clip and transition to a stock video. I recommend using InShot or Canva to pick a transition effect that goes up or down with the motion of your hands to make it smooth!

Let’s take a look at how a service-based business could incorporate these transitions into their Reels to grow their engagement and business.

Service-based Business Example:

  • Hand on the Camera: A Business Coach shares a hook on how to stay productive, then uses the snap transition to show a stock video of someone working on a computer share the productivity tip.
  • Swipe: A instagram coach creates a Reel of myths in their business, then uses the swipe to transition to a stock video of someone on their phone and showing why this is not true.
  • The Faux Scroll: A mom blogger creates a reel of her swiping her phone looking for summer activities to do with her kids, then use the scroll motion to transition to a stock video of being at the beach or picnic with text sharing different ideas someone can do.

There you have it! You’ve now got 3 easy and engaging reel transitions that will take your Reel (and your business) to the next level.

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