Could You Be Scammed Using Free Stock Photos and Videos?

Have you ever been online looking for free stock photos or free stock videos to use on your website, blog, or social media?Well… did you also know that you could be scammed using free stock videos or photos? ?

The unfortunate answer is YES. It’s a very real thing. I recently read in a Facebook group about a blogger who has used free stock photos in the past and is now being sued thousands of dollars over it.


How the Scam Works

Now that you are aware there is a scam, let’s breakdown exactly how it works:

  • Creator uploads videos/images to free stock photo/video websites.
  • Creator removes videos/images from stock websites, then goes after any well-meaning blogger and content creator who has used them on their site for copyright infringement.

How to Avoid This

You may be scratching your head wondering how to avoid this, and I have two great solutions for you

1. Create Your Own Content – Filming and editing your own videos and photos for your content. However, if you are not a super skilled photographer or videographer the end result may not look like you envisioned… and it may take you hours to shoot and edit.

2. Use Reputable Stock Memberships – Stock Memberships like the MAKE Membership offer you hundreds of beautiful stock videos you can use in your business or in your clients!

As a MAKE Member, you’ll get:

  • 500+ stock videos shot by a professional videographer
  • Customizable captions with prompts, templates, and captions
  • Canva templates for Reels, Stories, Pinterest, and more!
  • Marketing tools and resources
  • Unlimited downloads to the content and the ability to use them for your clients!

If you’re ready to transform your business and use styled stock video, join the MAKE Membership now!

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