4 Ways to Use Instagram Carousels Posts (to boost engagement)

Have you been utilizing Instagram Carousel Posts lately? This content form has been underutilized on Instagram as Instagram Reels take center stage.

Instagram Carousel Posts allow you to share up to ten images or videos in a single post that your followers can swipe through. Each of your images/videos can have its own headline, description, and call-to-action. This form of content allows you to show up as an authority in your niche and highlight your expertise.

Today we are sharing three ways you can create carousel reels content that can help boost your engagement and show off your knowledge on the ‘Gram!

1. Share a Quick Win

What’s the best way to get your audience to trust you? Give them a quick win! You may be asking yourself, “How exactly do I do this?” It’s simple! Showcase a fast way on how they can implement something related to your niche in their life or business. For example, say you are a an Instagram expert, share how they can optimize their Instagram Bio in just 5 steps. They can easily then take that information and apply it to their own business and they will come to think of you as a reliable source!

2. Educate Your Audience

Carousel posts are great for breaking down information and making it easier and more digestible to understand. Educating or teaching your audience something that is related to your niche will also show your unique perspective and knowledge on a subject. To make it easier, you can repurpose old blog content or older posts and simplify them! Check out how we did this below:


3. Share Your Offering

Using a carousel post on Instagram is a great and easy way to show your audience your newest offering or give a sneak peek of your next launch. For example, if you created a course you can share the modules that will be in the course, bonuses, and a call-to-action on where they can purchase it!

4. BONUS: Testimonials

Carousel posts are the perfect way to highlight and promote client feedback and testimonials! This will help you generate more leads and build customer relationships! We recommend including a stock video in the background to help stop the scroll.

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