How to Use Stock Videos on Instagram to Maximize Engagement

Do you want to use stock video in your business… but aren’t sure HOW?

I totally get it!

It may feel like a crazy concept.

So even though the idea of using stock video in your business to alleviate some of the content creation process is appealing, you may feel resistant to it especially if you’re the face of your brand.

In this blog post, I am sharing three tips, you can start using stock videos the correct way!

And just in case you’re ready- or will be ready to dive in after reading these tips, I’m here to help you out. Click here to get 6 free stock videos right now!

1. Think of Stock Videos as the B-Roll that Brings Your Content to Life

B-Roll helps bring your story to life. It allows you to connect with your audience without having to film constantly. A good rule of thumb with stock video is to slowly integrate it into your content. So how to do that exactly?

I have a few recommendations for you:

  1. Carousel Post – Share your points in a carousel on Instagram! Add stock video to each slide or just a few to grab your audience’s attention!
  2. Instagram Reels – Create a reel using the first part of the video yourself. Then use a transition like swiping the camera and cut to a stock video. This allows you to still show your face on camera without having to learn a bunch of transitions or change your clothes. Win Win!
  3. Keep it personal – Say you have a story about winter and what the changing of the seasons signifies for you, but it hasn’t snowed yet where you live or if you did want to take a few videos and photos that means you have to travel and be outside for a period of time… No thanks. Find yourself a stock video of a winter scene and you are in business. It is a perfect way to use stock as a filler to the main content on your Instagram feed in a way that still feels personal to you or your brand.

2. Lean into the Videos that Work with Your Niche

We’ve all seen the classic stock videos that are outdated, too corporate, or not relevant to your business stock videos. Keep as far away as possible from those types of videos. They’ll stick out like a sore thumb in your feed, and leave your audience confused. There are so many resources like the MAKE Membership that offer high-quality and on-brand stock videos for female entrepreneurs. You don’t need to spend a lot of money or filter through the not-so-great free ones on websites.

You get to have stock videos that actually match your brand, brand colors, and website.

3. Know Your Brand

Did you know you can customize stock videos? It’s true! And it’s the easiest way to blend them alongside your own content.

Find videos that match your aesthetic and branding. Plus, you can also crop the video in Canva if you are using it in a graphic to highlight a certain subject or area of the video. Lastly, you can also use graphic overlays or text to make videos your own. There are so many apps now that make this super duper easy- no graphic design degree required! Canva is my favorite because it is simple and there are many beautiful designs to use for your social media!

Interested in using stock videos in your own business? Check out the MAKE Membership! Access hundreds of videos, customizable captions, marketing templates, tutorials, and more! Learn more here.

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